Let me guess: you love your products and believe in them with ALL of your heart. But when it comes to recruiting, you have a few problems:

1. The products are easy to sell because you know they work. But you haven't had success in your business (or as much as you'd like) so how can you help someone else? 

2. Talking about your products is fun and exciting. But talking about the business opportunity feels gross, icky, and salesy!

What if I told you that I could teach you how to get OVER your limiting beliefs about your ability to help others? What if I could help you to craft a story about your business that's as exciting as the one about your products??? 

Here's the reality: at some point you'll either let someone like me help you, and you'll put in the work, or you'll spend the next several years struggling and getting under paid for your hours and hours of posts, stories, connections, and invites.

What if I told you that you're already doing the AMOUNT of work it takes to succeed? What if you could just adjust your message and mindset and get the RIGHT results in less time?


interactive workshops

I'll walk you step by step through overcoming your limiting beliefs, crafting your message, and telling your story on social media! You'll be just as excited to talk about the business opportunity as you are the products!

the tools you need

I'll give you some of my favorite ways to connect with people, to expand your audience on auto pilot, and my personal daily activities tracker so you'll know what to do every day!

facebook community

If sales and recruiting feels icky to you, don't worry this challenge will make it fun! Inside the fb group we'll have interactive challenges, prizes, and you'll even get to learn from others what's working for them!

"I would pay what I paid just to have the information I got on day one! This program has so much good information that I will be going over the content over and over again."

Bobbie Sumpter

"“I loved that this group has given me real action steps! I NEED to have a plan each day or I'll get lost in social media. This has given me a plan to keep me on track daily! Josh is sooooo motivating and can really create a fire in you! I would totally recommend any of his trainings. His trainings always exceed my expectations!”"

Kelly Moulton-O'neil

More about Josh

Josh Coats is a member of the John Maxwell Team, a #1 Best Selling author, and the creator of best selling training The Art of Recruiting.

Josh has spent the last five plus years mentoring some of the top performers in the network marketing industry and has trained 20k+ in his virtual courses and trainings.

His message is raw and unfiltered and will give you the PUSH and tough love you need to get over yourself and put in the action it takes to get results! His systems will teach you how to get MORE results in LESS time so that you can enjoy the life you've worked so hard to create!



If you're ready to stop scrolling and start recruiting, join me for my next 21 Day Challenge! I'll help you to find the confidence and strategy you need to finally get on your stage!

"Before starting Josh's training I was averaging about 3-5 customers a month, recruiting 1-2 working recruits a month and bringing home $750-1000/ month. After working with him for going on 3 years I have been able to match and double, even triple my "monthly take home teaching pay", retire myself from my 8-4 teaching job, and become a 6-figure earner in my business! Now I bring in on average 20-40 customers, 10-15 recruits and have grown my business immensely. I am now officially a 2X Elite in my company."

Megan Giese

"Before working with Josh, I would MAYBE make 3 sales per month. I was making $400 a month. I was a dropped diamond. In Josh's group? I made 13 sales in one month! I recruited FOUR business building recruits! I had my FIRST EVER $1,000 WEEK! I recommend this training to ALL of my team (have at least 3 joining next month!), because ACCOUNTABILITY IS EVERYTHING! Plus Josh, and the calls, give me SOOO much energy and drive and motivation, and I AM A DIFFERENT PERSON (not just a different coach) since finding Josh and this group!!!! I love it with ALLLLLL OF MY HEART!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME BE A BETTER ME!!!!!!"

Brynn Wise

"I didn’t even know I was lacking. I was recruiting 1 a quarter and sales were $700 a month max. I thought I was doing ok. Now I recruit 10+ new SeneSisters a month! Sales are $3000+ a month! I’ve qualified for a SeneCar! 🚙 I hit ultimate royal, only 4 others achieved this in Australia! I have revived so much recognition it’s mind blowing! I need to buy a trophy cabinet! I didn’t even have one trophy pre Josh! I coach my team using techniques I’ve used from Josh and my team is exploding!"

Wendy Armstrong

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