The most powerful force on the planet, is that we become consistent and congruent with the expectations of our peer group.

Ed Mylett


Leaders have found themselves in a FUNK as the world is exhausted from a global pandemic, the political arguments, and the lack of enthusiasm of others who say they want to reach their goals but give up when things get hard.

But one thing I know about leadership is that it is our job to LEAD with energy and confidence when the rest of the world is struggling.

We cannot be reactive leaders, we have to be proactive leaders. We have to lead the charge with hope and life and energy and trust that the world will respond.

When times are their darkest, we have a responsibility to shine brighter! Join me and hundreds of others for a one week virtual event that will light your soul on fire and teach you some of the top things leaders are doing to keep their businesses growing even during hard times!

Speakers include: Josh Coats, Moira Kucaba, Micah Folsom, Beth Isbell, and MORE.

10+ Speakers

At a time when it's harder than ever to stay focused and grounded, these live calls will encourage you to continue to chase your dreams and make a difference in the world around you!

Free to You and Your Team

Need a way to get your team excited? This is an easy way to invite them to be a part of something powerful that will light their fire!

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With a VIP ticket (Just $18), you'll be able to login to your account at and access these files for life! Revisit them anytime you need a boost of confidence or hope in your life!


Josh Coats is the founder of the PUSH Coach Certification School, a Top 50 Podcast host, and #1 Best Selling Author of F*** Leadership. 

He has trained 40k+ entrepreneurs and is best known for his no BS approach to mindset and business.

Josh's mission is to PUSH leaders and coaches to reach their full potential.

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