Are you someone with a passion to help others, but lacking the tools (and confidence) to make a real difference?

If you’re like most coaches and mentors, you want more than anything else to make a lasting difference in the lives of those you help.

But no matter how hard you try, your clients (and team) just keep falling back on their excuses (ahem…limiting beliefs).

If you really want to make a lasting impact on those you serve, you’re going to have to learn how to address the actual internal beliefs they are dealing with.

If you keep doing what most coaches and mentors are doing:

  • Assigning more personal growth books
  • Giving them new journals
  • Giving them more and more how to training
  • Using “feel, felt, found” and other ways of relating


You’re really just putting band-aids on broken bones and wondering why nothing is getting fixed!!

But it’s ok, even if you’re still trying to mentor from personal experience alone, we can teach you just how simple it is to start using True Coaching to help you address the deep rooted beliefs once and for all!


"I have wanted to help people with more than just health and wellness for years. I finally am able to."

Brian James- I have a team of coaches and a huge online community of clients I have been helping using the tools I learned in this program.

I just launched my Life Coaching 1:1's in the last two weeks and I already have two people committed to monthly packages!

Understanding True Coaching Doesn't Just Help You to Address The Deep Rooted Beliefs, It Also Helps You To:


  • Improve Your Own Self Confidence

  • Add Something New to Your Offers

  • Stand Out In Your Industry

  • Charge More Money

  • Create More Impact in Your Family/ Personal Life


During the certification I have already doubled the revenue in my network marketing business and made $700 through my coaching business.

Tina Salisbury- I don't spend money on myself. I always think training is too expensive and I wouldn't be as successful as the investment was.

Over the past three months of our training, I have doubled the revenue in my network marketing business and already made $700 through my coaching business! I have clients I wouldn't have had without this.

Understanding True Coaching Gives You the Knowledge and Tools to Finally Address Your Clients’ (and Your Own) Beliefs 


Because let’s be real, when you look at successful leaders they all have:

Confidence that stands out from the crowd.

Specific tools and resources for helping people.

Deep rooted belief that they are the right person to help others.


But when you don’t know how to address these deep rooted issues, you end up:


  • Just giving people more and more tools they never use
  • Telling people things like, “You can do it if you just believe more!”
  • Giving people more and more of your time thinking you can “save” them
  • Avoiding people all together because you’re worried you don’t know how to help


But when you MASTER the art of True Coaching, you will finally have the confidence to know that you can help anyone, anywhere, with any problem, in any industry!


But I get it, don’t you have to be successful to really help others???


Well, you’re right.

If you coach the way everyone else teaches, you will need to be successful before you can help others.

But what if I told you that even while I was still detailing cars for a living I was able to sign clients who were making multiple six figures per year, all because of my ability to use True Coaching?

You see, most “coaching” that you see online is really a combination of cheerleading and accountability.

Most coaches share things that are working for them, hand out positive advice, and then cheer you on.

But this leads to A LOT of frustrated coaches who can’t figure out how to actually get people results.

True Coaching is Based on Using Powerful Questions that Transcend the Subconscious Mind to Help Others to Find the Power That Already Lives on the Inside of Them!


When you learn this process of coaching, you will never again feel like you have to have all of the answers.

You will learn a specific process that we use over and over that helps people to find the right answers every time.


So what would you rather do?

Learn True Coaching and empower others to find their truth?




Keep telling them things over and over that go in one ear and out the other???




Meet Your Instructors

Josh Coats

Josh is a #1 Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author who has mentored over 40k entrepreneurs.

After making only two sales in his entire first year as a life coach, he went to social media and created a brand and following that allowed him to walk away from his day job in year two. Since then he has grown a 1:1 waiting list of over 100, trains thousands/month in online training groups, and travels the country to speak for events and retreats.

Josh has specialized in taking the psychology of life coaching and turning it into business based trainings that help his clients to create the results they want in life and business.

Marc Hildebrand

Marc Hildebrand is a certified PUSH + LIFE Coach, and current Law Enforcement Officer from LAPD who struggled through self sabotage for decades.   After discovering what was truly holding him back, he was able to navigate a 100 pound weight loss,  create an EPIC connection with his family, and show up as the LEADER he wanted to in all areas of his life.   He now coaches other LEADERS how to LEVEL UP their mindset, so they too can reach their full potential in every area of their life!



There are a lot of programs that can teach you how to work on your own mindset...

but how many are actually training you to do it for others??


First, we will teach you how to self coach and build the kind of CONFIDENCE and leadership it takes to coach others. If you are not sold on yourself, you will find it almost impossible to sell your gift to the world.

But this isn't just another confidence course, this is an actual deep dive into your pre-conditioning so that you can uproot the beliefs and programming of your past.

Second, while we teach traditional life coaching, we also add on what we call PUSH Coaching. PUSH Coaching adds organized accountability, a performance based relationship (so it doesn’t turn into therapy), and a demand for RESULTS so that you’ll come away with incredible testimonials!

Last, this is the only program that will not only make you a MASTER coach, but will also teach you how to brand yourself, package your product, and even create residual income through courses and small groups.

I have built a multi-million dollar online coaching practice, all via FB, IG, and Zoom, and I’m going to pull back the curtain and show you everything that has made me money, saved me time, and given me a true life by design!

If you want to just get a certification, you can go online and pay someone for that rn, but if you want to learn how to coach others for RESULTS, and walk away with clear packages and ready to make money, THIS is the right program for you!


I have already made $3k and have six people in my mastermind group...

Annie McCarty- I used to be someone who held back and planned and organized and waited to start until I felt 1000% ready. The biggest lesson I learned was to listen to my heart. 

I am most proud that I dove in and started my own paid mastermind and took on 1:1 clients even before I finished the certification!

True Life Coaching

Learn the art of coaching and how to use powerful questions to unlock the sub-conscious mind. We will give you the exact structure and training you need to unlock the potential of anyone with any problem in any industry!

Performance Coaching

Learn my exact system to creating the type of structure that gets people results time and time again. Performance Coaching will set you apart from the crowd and give you the confidence to charge more money and bigger results!

Hands on Training

While all other programs are getting rid of this element, we are stepping it up! Weekly practice sessions to make sure you graduate with confidence! We will do this together, and you'll never feel alone!

Specialty Training

Do you have a specific passion and want to niche down? Great! You can make even more money when you help with a more specific problem, and we'll teach you exactly how I've done exactly that for the last seven plus years!

Umbrella Marketing

Worried you won't know how to add a new offer to your current business?? Don't worry, this is one of my specialties and I'll be teaching you exactly how to create a smooth and simple structure to make your new offer compliment the one(s) you already have so you can make more money in less time!

Our Coaching Philosphies

1. We believe in true life coaching, which is the art of using questions to help others to search inward for their own answers. When done right, this is the most powerful form of coaching or mentoring you will ever find.

2. While we love true life coaching, we also see performance and RESULTS as the main goal for our clients. Because of this, we create structure and accountability that give the coach more confidence and direction. This structure guarantees that the client can’t sabotage the process by avoiding the main problem.

3. Within our program you will have supervised coaching practice with your  peers as well as a written exam. We will not send you off ill equipped. You will have the confidence to coach others and get them results.

4. If you have something you are passionate about, we want to teach you how to specialize in that. You will have the freedom in our program to find your passion, and we will teach you how to build programs around that specific niche.

5. MARKETING- if you don’t know how to sell your new skill, you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars and hours trying to figure out how to actually use this new skill. That is frustrating. We will teach you how to package, market, and sell your new skill so you can get paid to do what you LOVE!


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I get it, you've done many other programs, and they didn't work so why would this?


That's what makes this program so special.

Unlike a course on how to post, or how to sell, or how to get better, this is an actual certification.

If you went to school to be a cosmetologist, you wouldn't wonder whether or not you'd be able to cut hair when you're done.

You would trust that the program and the teachers would give you the tools you need, and while it might take some time, at the end of the program you would KNOW how to cut hair.

This certification is the same.

This isn't a three month program that teaches a bunch of principles that we hope you can translate into actual results.

This is a specific set of skills that we not only teach, but also train you on.

Each week you'll be put into breakout rooms to practice with others, and you'll come back and share your feedback and ask questions to find out how to keep getting better.

By the end of the program you will know how to coach others and help them to identify their sub conscious triggers, and then show them how to reprogram around their true heart beliefs.

In fact, we have a 98% graduation rate inside our program.

Ninety Eight percent of people who join our certification are able to pass the written exam AND prove on a live call that they can in fact coach others!