Coaches You Can Trust

Are you tired of not knowing what coaches you can trust with your time and investment?

There are so many life coaches online shouting and even begging for attention.

Who can you trust?

There are so many coaches who have never been certified, and many others who have even paid for their certificates with no real testing or proof of their abilities.

That's why we hold our life coaches to the highest standards. They have to be on a certain amount of calls live where we can observe their skills. We put them through a written test and a live demonstration.

But we really wanted to take things one step further. I asked myself, "What if we had a program that equipped people to the level of being able to fill in for me if I had to call in sick for work?"

And that's where the Master Coach program came from.

The following coaches were first certified through our program, and then spent an extra three to six months learning more techniques, practicing in front of us, and proving they deserve to be titled a Master Coach.


Meet Our Master Coaches




Annie McCarty

Annie McCarty is a Certified Master Coach and 5x entrepreneur who specializes in helping solopreneurs and small business owners build their businesses on autopilot through her Effortless Productivity Method.  

Her 20 years of personal experience as a business owner and creation of a signature leadership development program bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to her 1:1 and small group coaching programs.  

She also offers Done For You Business Automation Packages if you want to build your business on autopilot but don’t want to learn how to set up ads and automations (and all the other techy stuff) yourself.  

You can find some amazing Effortless Productivity Method freebies (upcoming workshops, workbooks, etc.) at and follow Annie on IG @avmcoaching


Amanda Masterson

I am a Master Certified Life Coach with 10+ years of experience in leadership and high performance coaching both in the corporate sector and online space. I hold degrees in both Psychology and Communications and I've spent my career helping others achieve personal and professional mastery through performance based coaching. 

I specialize in both small group and 1-1 coaching for Entrepreneurs in the social selling and network marketing industries. 

I use proven high performance coaching strategies including time management strategies, mindset hacks, simple systems and more to help Entrepreneurs ditch the "Hustle Culture" and  "Hey Girl" messages so they can create balance and abundance and finally transform their side hustles into their main hustle.

I run a free community specifically for Mompreneurs where I share weekly Live trainings, tips, resources and more that will show you exactly

how to build your business and increase your income without working all day and night. Join the community at 

 I also host "The Mompreneur Coach Podcast" specifically for Mompreneurs who crave confidence, balance and abundance within their businesses. You can find it on your favorite podcast platform! 

You can contact me through my website,  or on Facebook & Instagram @amandamastersoncoaching. 

When I'm not helping entrepreneurs achieve their biggest dreams, I love spending time outdoors with my husband and 5 year old twins. 

Eric MacDougall

Eric is a Husband, father of two littles, and a Certified Master Coach. 

His focus is on helping solopreneurs to get their business to 10K per month without burning themselves out, or losing time with their loved ones.

He has been OBSESSED with leadership, and helping his clients be a LIGHTHOUSE for others, without losing their own light.

His philosophy is to create a business that serves the life you want, instead of a life that is a slave to your business.

Eric hosts The Evolved Marriage Podcast with his wife Kate where they share HIGH level skills to help you create a fulfilling relationship.

He is also the Founder of the Evolved Men’s Collective Mastermind, where he helps successful fathers lead in their marriages and businesses.

His best skills are creating engaging Facebook communities that help convert high paying clients, and create “guerilla style” video content that gets clients REAL RESULTS!

In his down time, he loves traveling with his family to places with no cell service, reading crime fiction, and finding new wilderness to get lost in.

Grab his free resource on how to convert high paying clients using your free Facebook group here:


Tina Salisbury

Who I serve

I help you, the busiest women entrepreneurs and working moms take clear and confident action to move forward in goals, beliefs, routines and time management to become powerful leaders and performers thriving in business, creating clear work/life boundaries and momming with intention.  

Website Bio

Tina Salisbury is a wife, mother of five, Master Coach, founder of the MOMentum Mastermind and creator of Mind + Body Confidence Camp.  Tina has spent 18 years as a working mom.  After years of being one of the most successful people in the room, yet feeling unbalanced, unfulfilled and guilty for feeling that way, she finally discovered the exact steps to live into her identity with confidence and clarity to crush it at home and at work.   She now teaches her MOMentum Blueprint, helping ambitious working mothers, through TRUE coaching, to create a clear path of action leading to joy and peace in motherhood while leaning into greater purpose and success in their careers and personal health, with more energy than ever before. 

Let’s get to know each other!  Grab my free Take Back Your Time Planner and learn how to set and complete your most important tasks with ease and space to spare for the things you love.


Teresa Hildebrand

Teresa Hildebrand is a certified life coach, mom of two, creator of the C.H.I. Method TM, and the host of the podcast Organized Chaos. Teresa’s life was one of burnout trying to balance motherhood and entrepreneurship. But when an invitation to add an intense fitness challenge to the mix revealed an untapped source of energy; she found fulfillment in her work, a healthy relationship with herself, and energy left to be present with her family.

Now she coaches mompreneurs like herself, break down their limiting beliefs, create sustainable harmony between business and home life, and tap into their inner C.H.I.



Breathing Space | 7 Minute Guided meditation for mompreneurs to relax, take time for themselves, and bring some calm & clarity into their day.

Tiffany Johnson Matthews

 Tiffany is a wife and a mom of two. She is a certified Master Life Coach and the host of the Unapologetic Woman podcast.  

After years of being tired of entering rooms where she never felt like she fit in, she decided to start building spaces where women from diverse backgrounds would feel safe and confident in her own mind and body.

Her 10+years of experience in the education field has given her specials skills in delivering information in a way that is easy to swallow in both her 1:1 and small group coaching program.

Her focus is helping women build their confidence and reignite their passion for life while being a powerful leader both in and out of the home. Her passion is getting women to stop just dreaming and start taking action while maintaining traditional housewife roles through her proven method to stop apologizing for who she is and what she wants. 

In her downtime, you can find her playing in the Disney parks with her family or reading a book.

Contact Info

Follow Tiffany on IG @tiffany_matthews

Email her at


Check out The Unapologetic Woman Podcast at


Paige Harper

Paige Harper is a certified master life coach, mom of 2 toddler boys, pharmacist, and the founder of the Elevate, Empower, and Thrive Masterclass where she helps women entrepreneurs get out of the rut in their business and finally start seeing success without adding more onto their already busy plate. 

As a mom to toddlers and working a job that wasn’t fulfilling her soul or passion, she started to feel lost in the identity of being “just a mom”. She felt overwhelmed, unfulfilled, and like she was meant for MORE. So in an attempt to find herself again and grow, she became a health/fitness coach. But that still wasn’t quite enough. That is where the love for life coaching started. And through this, she knew she finally found her purpose in life (outside of just being a mom and wife).

Life coaching helped her as a business owner by building the confidence she needed to thrive, but also helped her grow an even closer bond with her sons and husband that would’ve never been possible before. Now, she coaches women how to push past the struggles and doubts, go after their big dreams, and achieve the goals they never thought were possible — in business and in health/fitness. 

You can follow Paige on Instagram (@paigemiree) to learn about new upcoming workshops, masterminds, and freebies!


Brittany Torres

Brittany is a wife, mama, and certified master life and performance coach. 

She works with women through both group coaching programs as well as 1:1 coaching.

As the creator of the Powerful Cysterhood Overcooming Stigmas program, she specializes in helping women navigate taking steps forward in their PCOS journey.

Through 1:1 coaching she helps you to recode your stress receptors. Together you will create routines and habits that stick amongst the chaos of life so you can gracefully navigate transitional periods without stress + overwhelm consuming you and robbing you of the joy and excitement during this time in your life.


She would love to be friends on Instagram @brittntorres

You can grab her "Navigating First Steps of PCOS" freebie here:


Chelsea Rosner

Chelsea Rosner, Business Chaos Strategist & Clarity Specialist, is also a Certified Master Life Coach who works in the majority with ambitious online entrepreneurs in mini sessions, group programs or complete 1:1 leadership immersions.

As the founder of the Entrepreneur Elevator, Chelsea uses her unique skills and degrees in lifestyle redesign and business rehab techniques to share the 4 steps to her complete 'B.Y.O.B' method for fast tracking success in the social selling/direct sales space.

Her primary focuses help you identify how to showcase your most authentic self in your online presence, bring light to what's holding you back on both micro and macro levels and show you how to navigate from where you are in business currently to leveling up your alignment and letting a successful business be a by-product of a badass life.

Chelsea currently lives in Georgia with her husband, two kids, and two giant dogs and is usually day dreaming about some kind of DIY project or where her or the families next trip/vacay memories will be!

Connect with her on IG at

or via email at [email protected]


Grab a free intro into what it means to become an Elevated Entrepreneur here:

Alana Beittel

BAlana Beittel BSN, RNC-NIC, MLPC A Certified NICU Nurse, Master Performance Life Coach, creator of Triage Your Life; Rekindle Your Purpose. The founder of Vibe Higher, Alana is a powerful leader, who works with purpose driven Nurses and ambitious soloprenuers to cultivate their *true work/life balance through mini sessions, group programs, or personalized 1:1 coaching.

She uses an established 3 part formula that will help you leverage your career, and coach you to discover your full potential and not at the expense of your values or your family. You will no longer feel like a prisoner whose playing defense to the stresses of everyday life. She will leave you inspired and energized to live a life you desire. A life you are whole heartedly capable of living, so that you don’t wake up one day, “wishing I would have done…” Alana currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two little boys. Being a Mom is her favorite title of all. 

Connect with her on IG @alanakaybeittel

Or via email [email protected]

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Our Coaching Philosphies

1. We believe in true life coaching, which is the art of using questions to help others to search inward for their own answers. When done right, this is the most powerful form of coaching or mentoring you will ever find.

2. While we love true life coaching, we also see performance and RESULTS as the main goal for our clients. Because of this, we create structure and accountability that give our clients more confidence and direction. This structure guarantees that you can’t sabotage the process by avoiding the main problem.

3. We use the PUSH Method which is a structure we have created that coaches while educating so you can walk away knowing how to self coach in the future and not have to depend on needing a coach for every situation.

4. We believe in creating affirmations that are in alignment with your heart voice and the actions you need to take to get what you want.

5. We believe that deep in your heart you are perfect. Our job isn't to give you our opinions on what you should do, but rather to teach you how to find your hearts truth, so you can take action in alignment with what you really want in life.

A Coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be. Tom Landry

 Even the best coaches need to be coached. This program could be your opportunity to have finally BE coached to see your own potential.

We will see the best in you, we will demand the best in you, and we will help you to BECOME the best version of yourself you have ever been!