From Detailing Cars to Multi-Million Dollar Coaching Business


...Without Over-Working and Burnout

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Car Washer, Failed Rock Star Finds Path to Success and Significance... 


I was drinking 6-8 cups of coffee per day to keep up with the 8+ cars I needed to wash and wax everyday to take care of my family. With three kids to take care of, I had zero paid time off and worked every holiday but Christmas.

The one thing I did to find fulfillment was played in rock bands on the weekends. But when my youngest son was headed into his third open heart surgery at the age of two and a half, I decided to say goodbye to music.

Thankfully my son recovered. But I was lost.

Who am I?

What is my purpose?

How do I contribute?

What can I do to make a better life for my family? 

These were the questions that haunted me at the age of twenty nine. With no college degree to fall back on, and no significant experience to put my hope in, how could I possibly turn it all around?

And then I found the key that unlocked it all. I found a simple and unique way to uncover my greatest strengths, find unshakeable confidence, and create a path of success.

This book is a step by step process to unlocking  the purpose and passion that the pressures of life have locked away deep in your soul.

Deep down, you KNOW that you are meant for more. You KNOW that you haven't lived up to your full potential. You just weren't sure what to do about...until now. 

These are the lessons that took me from broken to whole, and allowed me to build a life AND legacy I could be proud of!

Are you ready to reach your full potential and help others to do the same?


Just a Few of My Favorite Lessons I'll Pass Onto You: 


The biggest motivation hack that took me from quitting multiple businesses to finally sticking it out and creating a 7 figure life coaching business

The number one thing that is holding you back from success in every area of your life, and it's NOT your actions

How most leaders and coaches are mentoring others in a completely ineffective way and exactly how you can avoid their mistakes and create a true performance culture

Principles of the Universe that make success easier than you ever thought


My exact strategy I've taught thousands of clients for creating goals that excite you and create immediate growth


Why affirmations aren't working for you unless you know this belief hack that will change the course of your life


My step by step system that will re-program your beliefs for success FOR GOOD


How to finally get rid of your scarcity mentality and see resources and opportunities everywhere you look

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Who is Josh Coats?

Two time #1 Best Selling author and top 50 podcast host, Josh Coats is the founder of PUSH Coach Certification School and has trained over 40k entrepreneurs in online trainings.

Josh specializes in PUSH Coaching, a term he created to describe how he combines traditional life coaching with performance coaching and his no BS attitude for helping people to get RESULTS!

Josh will PUSH you to move past the limits and fears in your life and create intentional plans to grow your business, leadership, and life!

Will This Really Apply to You?


One of the most valuable lessons I learned on my own journey was how I constantly tried to make every shift in my life and business harder than it really needed to be.

As I've mentored thousands of people, I see others doing the same.

Maybe you can relate?

If you're just starting out, you'll come up with 100 reasons that this book won't work for you. Out of a thousand other people, you think that you're the only one this Universe chose to curse. Meanwhile you tell your kids and others that they can do anything they put their mind to.

Do you really believe that?

If you've already created a certain level of success, you'll find yourself going through the exact same struggle when trying to reach for your next level of success.

You will forget just how simple the last phase of life or business was because we constantly think the new mountain is steeper than the last. When really, it's not worse than the last mountain, it just happens to be the one we're stuck on.

The reality is this: we as humans underestimate how much work must be done on OURSELVES, and overestimate how much work must be done to fix the problem.

Ninety nine percent of the time the hardest work happens beneath the surface.

If you are someone who is willing to open your heart and mind, and take actions on the things that actually matter the most, this book will save you thousands of dollars and years of time and energy!