10 Years in 10 Days, A Celebratory Training



Get 10 Days of Interviews and Lessons from Josh on How He Built a Seven Figure Online Coaching Business

Have you ever wanted to hear the stories and lessons behind the scenes of a million dollar/ year business???

In this very special exclusive and limited time training, Josh will be going through 10 days of interviews covering different seasons of his business.

You'll hear the behind the scenes of what it was like to only make two sales in his first year, and what he did to stay motivated and focused on what mattered most.

You'll hear the most important things that actually moved his business forward, and what is still working today!!

You'll also get to hear about the other sides of business, like hiring a team, rebuilding after a divorce, and more!

For the first time, a 10 day training where you can name your own price!

PLUS: For every 100 people who join we'll give away one FREE scholarship to our next round Life Coach Certification starting in March!


What you'll get:

  • Interviews spanning different seasons of Josh's ten years in business
  • Special topic interviews going over sales, leadership, mindset, and more
  • Preview of Josh's new book: Six Months to Six Figures


Interviewers include:

Micah Folsom- one of my longest running clients, we worked together 1:1 from 2015 to 2018, I also spoke at several of her team retreats and we also shared the stage at four different events.

Alexis Doss- AKA, A Doss, was my very first weekly client back in early 2015.She worked with me for a few years, has stayed in touch as a close friend, and has also done my Life and Performance Coach Certification.

Andrea Crowder- I met Andrea in 2016 when we co-spoke for a large virtual event for a few thousand people, she then had me as a guest speaker for her Power of I AM event two years in a row before handing the event off to me to run.

My dad- although my dad raised me VERY strict, he also taught me the importance of work ethic and family. My dad has been one of my biggest supporters as an adult in anything I've ever done whether it was music or business.

Marc Hildebrand- Marc dates back to late 2015 as a client, was the first client I ever hired, and then he co-created the Life and Performance Coach Certification with me.



$1.00 USD or more

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