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Do you feel like you just aren't equipped to lead a team?

You have 1,000 problems and questions yourself, so how can you also raise up a team to have success?

What if you could get the answers you AND your team need all in one place?

Your PUSH Coach is the greatest tool you can have for leading your team. Whether you pass on what you learn or invite them to listen with you. 

This show is all about digging into the things that are holding you back from selling, recruiting, leading, and becoming the best version of you.

You'll get real solutions, implementable strategies, and action steps that you can immediately use to grow your team and business!

Behind the Curtain Sessions

In these episodes Josh takes behind the curtain for a 1:1 call so that you can hear in real time the kind of struggles others are having, and the exact strategy Josh gives on how to fix it. You'll walk away from every one of these sessions with questions to use for self coaching and/or mentoring your team, plus a bonus affirmation.

Live Interviews

Josh brings on top leaders to ask them the questions that your company doesn't want them to answer. How do they get such big numbers? How do you train your team? What are the most important lessons that got you to the top? Hear the raw conversations that will change your life!

My name is Josh, and I'm Your PUSH Coach.


I'm the #1 Best Selling Author of F*** Leadership. I've has trained over 40k entrepreneurs from different companies all around the world. 

I've personally coached some of the top leaders in the industry and I specialize in giving specific strategies to grow your leadership and business.

But I haven't always been the guy on stage. 

I detailed cars for 10 years while playing in rock bands on the weekends. I struggled to support my three kids and almost got evicted on multiple occasions.

At the age of 30 I found personal growth and went ALL IN when I joined the John Maxwell Team.

But even then, I only made TWO SALES in my whole first year. 

I kept fighting. I took my business to social media and got more intentional with my time and strategies.

By the end of year two I had quit my full time job, and also helped someone to go Top 10 in her company. I went onto make $400k in my first full time year, helped another person go Top 10, and started teaching my personal performance and leadership methods to the masses in online courses.

My message is raw and unfiltered because my journey has been raw and unfiltered. I'm not hear to make you feel good or tell you what you want to hear. I'm hear to tell you the same thing I had to tell myself over and over and over on my way to the top.

So if you're ready to dig deep, face your demons, and do what it takes to succeed, this show is for you!