The Power of I AM Live (and Virtual) Event


Follow the Tangible Steps to Becoming a Powerful Leader 


How many times have you been told to be a better leader?!

But no matter how many times you try to redo your onboarding system, and no matter how many tools you give people, you might still feel yourself coming up short.

And then you start to wonder, is it them or is it me???

If you're not careful you start to think that other people just aren't as motivated as you. You start to feel like no matter how much you try, you'll never be able to find the right people that want to run with you.


You might find yourself questioning your own leadership. You might start to think that there is something wrong with you. You start to think that people would be better off with someone else.



What if you could finally have the tools that made you feel like the most powerful leader in the world, even if you haven't already created amazing success?



What if Leadership Comes Before Success, Not the Other Way Around?


So many people think that when they have success, THEN they'll have the tools and the confidence to help others.

But how can you ever get to success without helping others first??

Maybe you don't need more success first, maybe what you really need is more leadership.


Success does not create leadership. Leadership creates success.


It's such a natural thing for us as humans to look for the outward success first, but that never happens.

Think about it, do you really think people who make a million dollars got their on insecurity, or did they need confidence to create something amazing??

You don't have to wait for success to be a powerful leader, we can help you to finally become the powerful leader that naturally attracts success!!

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Meet Your Hosts

Josh Coats

Josh is a 7 figure life coach, Wall Street Journal Best Seller, and founder of Push Coach Certification School.

Josh has trained over 40k entrepreneurs and spoke on stages across the nation. He specializes in teaching the Psychology of Coaching and Sales.

Josh has helped seven different people in two different companies to go Top 10 and has been known for mentoring the stars of the coaching industry.

Julie Voris

Julie is a 7 figure health/ wellness coach, public speaker, and certified BA.

She has spoke on stages around the nation and hosted her own events for thousands. She specializes in helping you to connect your vision and dreams to make them a reality.

Julie has been not only a top performer, but a top leader in her industry for years. She is the ideal model of what a servant leader looks like.