Getting You on Your Stage!

If you're sick of living less than your potential, and ready to level up and get on YOUR STAGE, this group is where it happens!

"Josh + the Push Elite pushed me past all of my limiting beliefs right off the bat. I started gaining confidence in myself as a mentor and in everything I do. I will 100% recommend it to anyone feeling stuck in their business and constantly wondering why. I hesitated for two years and that is my biggest regret. Before this group, I averaged SC20-30 and now I'm consistently pulling SC40-70. I used to enroll 10 coaches one month and then only one the next. Now I get 10-15 working coaches every month. Income was $2800-3000/month and now I make almost $7000, and locked in Elite in the first five months of the year!"

Andrea Severtson

"Before jumping into the PUSH Elite I was the silent stalker. I listened to all of the podcasts, youtube recordings or repeat when I needed someone to speak truth over me. I ended 2019 with all the boxes checked but fell short of Elite by rank. I was defeated and frustrated. I reached out to Josh in January and made the investment after persuading my husband that Josh wasn't just a random guy on IG! After just one month my team was more engaged than ever before, I'm recruiting and getting my coaches to hit their first rank faster than ever before, and I've learned what I need to do daily to have success. Even if you have just bought a house, moved, are trying to figure out career changes, busy, etc, this group is for you if you truly want to level up!"

Abby Manawes

Let me guess: you want to level up SOOO bad, and you KNOW you have what it takes but you just can't seem to put the pieces together?

For the last several years I've worked tirelessly to help people just like you to put the pieces together. If you are a top performer, I can tell you a few reasons you aren't reaching your full potential.

First, because you're seen as "successful" no one checks in on you anymore. If only they knew how bad you were struggling internally. And you feel selfish for not being "satisfied" but there is something in you that wants and needs more. But in order to do that, you need someone to PUSH you and hold you accountable. You need someone to challenge you!

Second, you need resources and tools designed for YOU! All of the calls and trainings out there are designed for low level performers and beginners. You are starting to burn out because you keep asking yourself, "Is this all there is???" You are craving something that will help you at your level.

And last, you need a group of people to PUSH with you. You already understand the power of accountability, you preach it to your team all the time. But you currently spend ALL of your time holding others accountable which is draining and you need a tribe to lift you up!

THAT is why I created the PUSH Elite. To create a space where you can have someone to PUSH you, content on leadership and marketing created for high performers who want to automate and become more effective. And to give you the community of others that are reaching for the same goals!

This group brings an energy unlike anything I've ever seen! As I type this up we've had seven rank advancements in the last seven days! With only 34 people in the group, we've had TWELVE rank advancements in the last fourteen days! That's almost one rank advancement per day!

This group is by application only, because I want to protect the energy of this group. But if this message is still speaking to you, you need to apply NOW! If you fit the criteria, I'll be in touch soon!

1. The Challenge You Crave

Top performers DESIRE a new challenge. And without one, you'll find yourself burned out and asking why you're even doing this. You need to work with someone that will call you out on your shit, and challenge you to perform at your highest potential!


I'll teach you my leadership strategies that have helped dozens of people to go Elite in the past. Many of these are the ideas shared in my book but put into action and made into systems you'll be held accountable to. You'll also learn how to use IG Ads, Webinars, and email lists to get MORE people in your pipeline!


It doesn't have to be lonely at the top. In this group you'll be surrounded with other bad asses that are ready to team up and share resources. The girls in the community regularly trade out team calls and ideas. This is a REAL community because everyone has skin in the game and is COMMITTED to reaching their goals and helping you to do the same!

More about Josh

My name is Josh, and I'm your PUSH Coach! I'm a member of the John Maxwell Team, a #1 Best Selling author, and the creator of best selling training The Art of Recruiting.

I've spent the last five plus years mentoring some of the top performers in the network marketing industry and have trained 20k+ in my virtual courses and trainings.

I have personally helped five people in two different companies to go top ten, and have helped dozens of people to go Elite in their companies each year.



Baylee Kye:

Before this group, I was struggling with finding my path as a damn mentor. I really needed some guidance with up leveling so that my coaches could see what I was doing.. and start doing half of it. I was hitting high success club numbers, basically all customers and 1 working coach here and there but I was NOT confident in really sharing the value we have to offer.

I didn’t want to compare myself to the other people in this group. I struggle with comparison.. it’s just something I’ve struggled with since I was in middle school and I knew I had to shut that inner voice up.. but it was super hard for me. I’m a competitive person, so one side of me KNEW that I would uplevel and be at the top in my mind but also didn’t wanna compare my recruits versus ____ recruits and be down on what numbers I was bringing in. Also yes, MONEY. LOL puke.. I am trying to move and save my money and be super diligent about it- but I just went to TJ maxx the other day and
Dropped $200 so I told myself it’s worth it if I want results.

My sc before starting we’re 20-30 monthly. Basically 10 discount coaches and a few customers. I didn’t really invite to coaching and I still don’t much BUT hearing how people approach it and ways you can do diff things.. I know recruit
3-6 working coaches monthly, I’ve hit sc 50+ consistently, and I have actually taken the tactics I’ve learned and got more discount coaches to work and share this passion, get results etc.. I’ve had MORE coaches than I ever have.. hitting success club. 8 total, 9 including me in May... that’s just success club. Not even people with 2-4 points.

Income- I was making roughly 3 grand- 3500 monthly. Mostly off commission... barely any team bonus.

I’ve been able to relay this info and training to my girls and my team.. and my team
Volume has GROWN so much.. just from momentum. I am now making over $4500 monthly. $4500 on a bad month if I’m being honest.

This group saved me and I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in the next 6 months.

Megan Wight:

Prior to working with Josh I was all over the place. I was one of those coaches who had built some success and then got "stuck". And by stuck I mean I lacked focus, duplication, and ACCOUNTABILITY. I felt like my team was slowly falling a part and had ONE working coach. I lacked passion and FIRE and momentum and my team could feel that!!!

When Josh reached out to me after Summit and invited me to this group I had a HUGE lump travel through my throat to my gut!!! I was TERRIFIED. I was scared to invest and then fail. I was scared everyone in the group would be better than me. I was scared I'd hide in the corner and beat myself even more because I wasn't good enough - because I wasn't as successful as the other coaches he had worked with. I felt like I didn't belong. I also couldn't afford it. I'll be totally transparent. I did not have these funds for this group. My husband looked at me cross-eyed because here I was contemplating this business investment when my business hadn't moved forward in YEARS. I had to ask him for credit card!!! Talk about swallowing your ego and deciding to go ALL IN!!! Can I also say that I wanted to be part of the cool kids club? I wanted to secretly rub shoulders with other successful coaches in the network that I looked up to and could learn from!! No shame!!

Before joining I was a lifetime 2SD coach - sitting at paid Diamond for the past 6 years (that's embarassing to say), hitting SC 6 and recruiting maybe a couple coaches a month. My income was approx $600 a week on average.

Since joining the push elite group, I am currently nearing 4SD qual, hitting SC 20-30, recruiting approx 10-15 coaches a month and have increased my income to consistently over $1,100 a week!!!

If it weren't for deciding to go ALL IN with this group, I may still be buried in depression like I was. I don't say this lightly when I say that Josh reached in and ripped out the FIRE inside my heart!!! I was held accountable to LEVELING UP but also I learned how to lead from the front with my team. For the first time in a long time, I had girls on my team EXCITED and working to hit their goals! I had several discount coaches step up and see our momentum wanting to jump on board! I learned what it REALLY meant to be a leader, how to SIMPLIFY my business and what it felt like to surround myself with other coaches who were pushing for big goals fanning my flame!!!

My business saved my life, but THIS GROUP? Saved my business!!!!


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