Learn the Leadership Strategies to Get on Your Stage




Is leadership exhausting you??? Between trying to grow your business, manage groups, and get your people results, business can be overwhelming.

But what if you had the duplicatable tools and systems it takes to create a true performance culture that raises up LEADERS instead of followers?

What if you could wake up every day with the exact systems and tools it takes to both grow your own business AND mentor your team in LESS time so that you can check out early and finally have the energy to enjoy the life of freedom with your family you've worked so hard to create???

For nine years I've helped the top leaders to grow bigger businesses while cutting BACK on their working hours by having better systems.

If you are someone who is ready to finally level up, but you just feel like something has been missing, I'd love to chat and see if this is right for you!

What You Will Learn


  • Learn the psychology of growth and performance, so that you can put people in position to win without using outdated tactics that just wear everyone out and leave them feeling like they are grasping at straws

  • Create leadership systems that will do the work for you so that you don't have to spend all day and night cheering people on and dragging them

  • Create magnetic sales and marketing messages that attract our dream clients without having to talk to every person in the world to find our next unicorn

  • Master Sales by Coaching so that you can close more sales without being salesy or pushy
  •  Grow your audience with automated systems so you're not spending all day and night doing "fake" convos and feeling icky
  • Competitive energy from a mentor who will challenge you to step the fuck up. Not everyone can handle this, not everyone is wired for this. But if you have a competitive nature like me, this can be your greatest source of inspiration in the thing that helps you get to your next level. 

Ashley Drew

My biggest win is going from my average of enrolling 3-5 people a month, to 10 new clients in the month of September!! the conversation tools I’ve learned and the psychology behind it really exploded my business!

My income also increased 65% in JUST MY FIRST MONTH


Baylee Kye

I was able to finally have a 7k month which I haven’t had since last march LAST MARCH.. wow. That’s a 3800$ jump from July. I’m super proud of that but also the impact it has left and my whole team was on fire for august.

I locked in 2 success starters last month during team cup and month 1 of Push Elite, popped 4 emeralds, and locked in team builder & leader!

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