What You Will Learn


  • How to use the Psychology of Self Coaching to end self sabotage for good and finally step into your power!
  • How to use The Art of Life Coaching so that you can motivate clients and business partners on a deeper level that finally lasts 
  • Master Sales by Coaching so that you always know what questions to ask that lead others to your services without being salesy
  • How to Create the Perfect Post that stands out from the crowd and builds more engagement and immediate trust


Hi! My name is Josh Coats, and I'm a #1 Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author and Business Coach that specializes in helping coaches that struggle leadership and sales. I've trained over 40 thousand in training groups and helped people in multiple companies to go top 10.

I've helped people for the last eight years to find clarity and CONFIDENCE in their business, grow huge teams, and even increase their income 4-10x. 

If you are struggling, it's not because there is something wrong with you. You just need a few tweaks in your message and your strategy so that you can finally share and LEAD in a way that BUILDS bridges instead of burning them.

Andrea Severtson

I had my first nearly $2000 week... 😭😭 when I started with you a $1000 week was good for me. I can’t even believe it right now. I’m so beyond grateful for this group and everything your bring to us day in and day out. ☺️


Abby Manawes

My team page is more engaged than it's ever been, I am recruiting and getting my new coaches to hit their first rank and business benchmarks faster than I ever have before, and I have learned what work needs to be done daily to see that success. I've been given practical and easy tools to Implement with my team, which was one of my biggest hurtles. I've been able to grow my following organically while also enjoying it too! Being around other people who want this as bad as me and don't let excuses take them out of the running is exactly what I wanted! I feel empowered, loved, encouraged, and welcomed to be myself!

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