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Build Your Dream, Leave Your Legacy


Not everyone who works hard succeeds...

And that's because our industry requires leadership.

And if you're like most struggling entrepreneurs, you LOVE what you do but just don't know how to help others.

Learn These Powerful Leadership Lessons (AND MORE)

1. How to end self sabotage

Leadership is always an inside job first! But most people struggle to move forward because of their own doubts and fears. Learn this proven system for Self Coaching to conquer your fears for good!


2. The Perfect Leadership System

If people are depending on you but you're not sure how to onboard them and get them results, you can be left feeling like a bad leader. We will equip you with the perfect system for leading others to success!

3. The Ultimate Duplication Hack

True leaders don't just attract followers, they raise up more LEADERS!! If you are finding yourself constantly dragging others along, you NEED this duplication hack to create more success in less time!


Meet Your Host: Josh Coats

Josh is a Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author, 7 figure life coach, and has been considered a Mentor to the Stars.

Josh has trained 40k+ entrepreneurs and mentored 100's of six and seven figure coaches.

Josh combines the Psychology of Life Coaching with business practices to help you to see your business in a new light and finally solve the problems that have held you back!