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F*** Leadership is the very first leadership book written just for network marketers that will give you specific, IMPLEMENTABLE strategies and systems to motivate and mentor your team to success!


"The principles taught in this book are simple and effective and can be applied at any level. If you’re a beginner, you’ll appreciate the big picture understanding and save yourself years of missteps that will hopefully streamline your success and save you from years of frustration. This is a book you’ll want to read multiple times and be sure your teams get their hands on early so they can have the most success possible and find joy in this journey because they’re equipped to work smarter, not harder. "

Micah Folsom
7 figure earner, Top 10 in company

"Wow. Sometimes you just need someone to give it to you straight, and not sugar coat the tough stuff. That’s exactly what this book does. Steps on your toes, stretches you to have more personal integrity in your business, and gives you a clear path to start showing up as a servant leader instead. Josh shows us that we can lead our teams out of mediocrity mindset, but we do that by EXAMPLE, not by managing. This is next level leadership!"

Ashley Tart

"Josh's candid wisdom makes this book an impactful and enjoyable read! He breaks down core concepts, builds solid connections for the reader and helps you TAKE ACTION! This is NOT just a read and move on kind of book . . .this is a manual for how to lead from the front - or moreso, from within - whether it be a family, business, community or movement. He packs this book with incredible insight and so many 'ah-ha' moments! "

Angela Atkins

More about Me:

I've spent the last five years training, coaching, and mentoring over 20k network marketers, including some of the top performers in the industry.

I've personally helped five different reps in two different companies to go Top 10 in their companies, while helping countless clients to earn a top 1% in their companies.

My message comes with zero filters, and is inspired by the lessons I learned going through John Maxwell's leadership program, as well as the personal lessons I've learned while building a multi-million dollar business. 

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