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 In fact, formerly frustrated Andrea Severtson recently rank advanced three times in her business and hit Elite level in her company!



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What Are Others Saying About The New and Different F*** Leadership Approach?

"I have seen my leadership and mentorship do a complete 180. My team is hitting massive numbers, they are turning into leaders themselves, and that is the greatest feeling!" - Janine Bonhard

"I have seen incredible team growth! And I don't just mean rank advancing my business and my husband's business and the fact that my income and retention have grown. I mean having NEW people that are hitting big numbers out of the gate!" - Kerri Schmidt

In the process of training over 20k network marketers just like you, I've realized that 90% of people are just barely hanging on by a thread.

But what if I told you that you’ve been sold a lie. You’ve been told that you have to memorize 29 personality types, have a celebrity social media following, and be the most outgoing person in the world to stand a chance as a leader in the network marketing industry.

What if I told you it was easier than you’re making it on yourself?

As a member of the John Maxwell Team, I’ve trained thousands of network marketers in my online courses and in small groups. I’ve mentored some of the top performers in the industry in a 1:1 setting. I’ve built a multi-million dollar business out of teaching network marketers how to get MORE results with LESS time by putting together SIMPLE and DUPLICATABLE systems! And I packed them all into this book that I’m giving you for FREE when you just pay for shipping (US only please).

You will see just how simple leading a team can be when you learn and MASTER my 4M's!! With just four simple steps I'll turn you into performance driven leader that will know EXACTLY how to multiply yourself into others so that you can help them to have TRUE success!

"The principles taught in this book are simple and effective and can be applied at any level. If you’re a beginner, you’ll appreciate the big picture understanding and save yourself years of missteps that will hopefully streamline your success and save you from years of frustration. This is a book you’ll want to read multiple times and be sure your teams get their hands on early so they can have the most success possible and find joy in this journey because they’re equipped to work smarter, not harder. "


"Josh speaks what I would consider plainly and to the point... something I love. No BS or fluff here. The skills, mindset shifts, limiting belief busters, and his organized system will lead you to places your self limiting beliefs told you that you would never go. Don't waste another minute... pick up this book today. "


"Josh's candid wisdom makes this book an impactful and enjoyable read! He breaks down core concepts, builds solid connections for the reader and helps you TAKE ACTION! This is NOT just a read and move on kind of book . . .this is a manual for how to lead from the front - or moreso, from within - whether it be a family, business, community or movement. He packs this book with incredible insight and so many 'ah-ha' moments!"


You are not alone! 

You've probably got on call after call, and read book after book, only to find yourself more and more confused about what to do. Because you keep learning 100 new ways to on board and run groups but none of them seem to be working for you.

What if I told you that if was more simple than you could imagine? What if I could break down all of leadership into four simple steps that gave you a CLEAR SYSTEM that you could implement over and over to get the kind of results you wanted without needing to continuously learn another principle or system?

This book will SPELL IT OUT for you! I'll teach you EXACTLY what I've taught 20k+ network marketers and the exact systems I've used to mentor some of the top performers in the industry! This is the LAST leadership book you'll ever need! And you're getting it for FREE!






It doesn't matter how charismatic and outgoing you are. If you don't show up for your business people can feel it. And that's why I say in my book that "Production is a leader's greatest responsibility." 

If you want to recruit and raise up top performers that starts with becoming one! In the first several chapters I'll teach you the exact steps needed to increase your personal sales, recruits, and energy, without working all day and night and giving up your life to your business!

listen to a few minutes of this section:






You go Live in your team page, only to see that 100 people saw the video and no one responded. So you get deflated. You start to think, "What is wrong with me?!" 

Over time you get more and more deflated as yet you work harder and harder to say and do the right things without seeing the response you wanted.

What if I could teach you a few simple strategies that would increase engagement, morale, AND results on your team? These proven systems are one of the biggest breakthroughs for people I have helped to go top 10 in their companies!

listen to a few minutes of this section:




"The people who deserve your time the most rarely ask for it, and the people who ask for it the most rarely deserve it." Quote from F*** Leadership

How much time do you spend on calls and answering texts to answer the same questions over and over for people who still haven't used any of the advice you've given them?

In this section of the book, I teach you how to pick who to spend your 1:1 time with and EXACTLY what to do with them to help them to perform at the highest level! 

listen to a few minutes of this section:





It shouldn't be lonely at the top. If it is, you're doing something wrong!

I'll teach you how to pass these systems onto your team to create a CULTURE of leadership so that you can have an actual TEAM and not just a slumber party!

You'll have more energy AND success than ever before as your hard work pays off and you have a team of solution oriented leaders that take time and pressure off of your plate!

listen to a few minutes of this section:

Outside of US? Click HERE to get a free copy of the audiobook.

Outside of US? Click HERE to get a free copy of the audiobook.


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